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What’s the difference between shared and solo distribution?

Shared distribution is where your leaflet is distributed with a maximum of four other leaflets. This is a very cost effective solution. Where as solo distribution is where just your flyer is distributed to specific areas of your choice, at the right time for you. Here at AllHomes we will always help you make your decision depending on your product/service, target audience and budget.

How do I know AllHomes will actually distribute my leaflets?

All Homes has a sophisticated real-time GPS Tracking System which tracks our distributors at all times. This gives information on when the distribution takes place (date and time), how far the distributor has walked, at what speed and most importantly draws a map showing the exact route the distributor has taken. In addition, this system allows you to watch your distribution take place Live!

What is Leaflet Distribution?

Leaflet Distribution is a Direct mail marketing method and a strategy in which a business inserts leaflets through the letterbox of a specific group of prospects to inform them of an offer or product. In Ireland, these leaflets are delivered by AllHomes Leaflet Distribution. Small businesses can choose the specific audience they want to target based on demographics, geographic and type. Generally most businesses target prospects by postcode/eircode and/or demographics. Common types of direct mail include postcards, letters, brochures, and flyers.

Can I get a free Leaflet Delivery quote?

Yes! Call 016237155 for a free marketing consultation and quote. No purchase necessary! And if you need help with design and printing we are here to help you with that too.

Who Are AllHomes?

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What services do AllHomes offer?

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Which areas do AllHomes cover?

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I’ve had a cheaper distribution quote elsewhere, Why?

We don’t just provide a distribution service. We provide accountability and complete campaign, tailored to your needs. This ensures you get the highest possible response rate rather than just a cheap service.

If a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Consider the cost of distributing 1000 flyers: To distribute 1,000 flyers takes a good distributor anywhere between 4 and 6 hours. So think how much that distributor needs paying. Then there are other overheads like transport, the time of the office staff in planning the distribution, providing the GPS tracking and having up-to-date mapping software and reporting. Therefore if someone is quoting €10-€55 for a solo distribution the chances are not all your flyers will be distributed, as the company would make a loss if they did.

Make sure you are getting a like for like quote. I.e if someone has quoted you €30 per 1000, what is that for and on what quantity? If it’s for a 1,000 solo distribution – run away!! If it’s for a 50,000 shared then it is a fair comparison.

Our shared distributions only go out with four or less other flyers. Most other companies distribute at least 6 flyers together plus a newspaper on a shared distribution. This means your response rate is going to reduce dramatically.

Can AllHomes help me with the printing?

Sure we can!! And we can also guarantee the best lead times, quality and pricing. If you find cheaper printing in Ireland, “you get what you pay for”. When considering printing, look at the quality as well as the price as whatever you print is representing you and your business. With cheap printing the colour is often inconsistent, the ink may spread near the edges, the ink may rub off on your hands or the printed image may not be guillotined straight. With AllHomes our printing is always of a very high standard.

Many printers give unrealistic completion dates which could mean you miss your distribution slot with us. PLUS; with AllHomes you get your campaign sorted under the same roof, from design, printing, distribution, tracking and reporting.

Does Leaflet Delivery really work?

The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is that it also depends on what counts as success for your business. Leaflet Distribution effectiveness typically outpaces the alternatives in important metrics like return on investment (ROI) and open/read rate. While the response rate for a leaflet delivery campaign may be considered low (usually falling in the 10-30% range), the quality of a leaflet delivery lead is generally superior to that of an email lead or pay per click lead, which is why the ROI ends up being better. There are many best practices for leaflet delivery that can ensure your campaign benefits your business, the design and offer on the leaflet plays an important role.

How do I start a Leaflet Delivery Campaign?

The best way to start your Leaflet Delivery campaign is to use a leaflet delivery company that does everything in-house (like AllHomes Leaflet Distribution). This keeps campaign costs and stress down, because you can get design, printing, and leaflet distribution services handled under the same roof. AllHomes does it all, and even plan your campaign from start to finish, plus you get a campaign manager who can provide leaflet distribution tips and guide you through any relevant options and suggestions (and show successful examples of what worked before based on your industry). AllHomes real-time progress reports and GPS tracking also adds transparency to what is already the best Leaflet Distribution and Printing services company in Ireland.

How much will my campaign cost?

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How do I choose which areas I want delivered?

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How do you backcheck your distributions?

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