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Want to set up an effective advertising campaign with a low budget? Leaflet distribution can be the solution for you!
By George Oliveira
3 days ago

Advantages of Leaflet distribution as an advertising medium

Leaflet distribution remains indeed one of the most efficient direct marketing media and is particularly effective by itself or within a multi-channel campaign.

Why Leaflet Distribution?

response rates for leaflet distribution
(Leaflet Distribution respects your budget)

Cost Effective Solution

Since the cost of your campaigns depends on your volumes and timming, you have all the keys to mastering your advertising budget. Whatever the size of your business and the amount of money you can allocate to your campaign , its success is not conditioned by its volume alone: a focused message with a well-designed leaflet contributes to the effectiveness of your campaign!

From your own customer base demographic profile, or area targeting, all you have to do is select the areas, according to the criteria relevant to your objectives or message.

The Leaflet makes you talk

Just behind TV, leaflet delivery is the medium in which the message recall rate is the highest (62%). Internet is not the only media that generates buzz! 63% of Irish believe that door drops attract their attention. 76% of recipients of this type of campaign will talk about it in their own homes after receiving it, and more than one in two Irish discuss it away from home, at work or with friends. Your customer becomes the ambassador of your brand: a real bargain since 70% of word of mouth conversations have an impact on the purchase decision of a product or service.

From your own customer base demographic profile, or area targeting, all you have to do is select the areas, according to the criteria relevant to your objectives or message.

Leaflet, a rich and original medium

response rates for leaflet distribution
(Leaflet Distribution - Endless possibilities)

The sensory side of a physical medium will bring an undeniable "extra" in a campaign, oposed, for example, to online advertising. Several sizes and types of paper exist, you can also send free samples to recipients, or to continue their experience on the web via a QR code or custom url . The possibilities are endless!

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As you probably already know; leaflet distribution remains one of the strongest communication and advertising mediums in Ireland. This article explores the advantages of having leaflet delivery as part of your marketing mix. In Summary:

  • Leaflet Distribution respects your budget
  • Leaflet is cost effective
  • The Leaflet makes people talk
  • A Leaflet offers a sensory experience
  • A flyer can be physical bridge between offline and online

Hope that you have found this article useful, our team at AllHomes Leaflet distribution is always available to help guide you through planning, design options, printing and targeting methods for a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

response rates for leaflet distribution

Author: George Oliveira, Full-stack Marketer at AllHomes

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response rates for leaflet distribution

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