What are the Right Elements of a Successful Leaflet Design?

Promote your products and services using this battle-tested design format to improve your response rates and communicate more effectively
By George Oliveira
3 days ago

The Sky-Rocketing Elements of a Battle-Tested, Response Pulling Leaflet Design

Promote your products and services using this battle-tested design format to improve your response rates and communicate more effectively.

With a focused message, supporting images, clear benefits, and a powerful call-to-action, you can quickly grow your business and convert prospects into paying customers.

With Leaflet distribution you can easily reach the customers who matter most by targeting specific areas or towns. No mailing permit, address list, or experience is required. But there are elements in the leaflet that once improved can impact the response rates.

Anatomy of a Successful Leaflet

(Elements of a successful leaflet design)


Your headline must capture attention and clearly communicate a simple message. The inclusion of benefits (ie: fast-acting, powerful, etc) can make your headline more compelling.


Your subheadline should support your headline with additional information and function as a catalyst for the recipient to learn more.

Limited/Exclusive Offer

A limited time or exclusive offer will make the recipient feel special and encourage them to make a purchasing-decision more quickly. In nearly all cases, leaflets will benefit tremendously from the inclusion of a strong offer


Always include at least one testimonial from a "real" satisfied consumer or customer. Where possible, include an image of the person featured in the testimonial that is similar to your target demographic.

Image/Product Shot

Images communicate concepts and information at the speed of light. It is critical that you include high-quality photos or product shots that look professional, add value to your leaflets. In most cases, an actual product shot or image(s) of people that correlate to your message, are recommended.

List of Benefits

Always clearly list the features or benefits of your product or service. Check marks usually out perform bullet points, and provide a functional way of displaying concise information. All important benefits or features should be listed to maximize performance

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Tell the recipient exactly what you want them to do. Whether your CTA is a phone call, a website visit, or something else - your CTA should be clear, bold, and a central focus of your leaflet design

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The main purpose of this article is to show you the main elements of a successful leaflet design. In Summary:

Hope that you have found this article useful, our team at AllHomes Leaflet distribution is always available to help guide you through the best design options, printing and targeting methods for a successful leaflet distribution campaign.

Author: George Oliveira, Full-stack Marketer at AllHomes

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